Our focus



The main focus behind LimeThistle is helping people to achieve balance, calm and mindfulness.  Life is increasingly frenetic with barely a moment away from some electrical gadget that “helps” us run our lives.  Most of us are running on information overload trying to juggle work, family, home and a million other little things that we just don’t notice.  At LimeThistle we want you to unplug from your life for a little while and rediscover that quiet place of calm that you’d forgotten existed within you.  To find out more or book a treatment with us call 07956363507.


I’ve had both Crystal Therapy and Reiki from Angela and it has helped my shoulder a lot.  Angela is very skilled and puts you at ease.  It was incredibly relaxing.


CM, Director

One of life’s natural healers.  I’ve had Crystal Therapy, Reiki and now Thai Reflexology. Angela immediately puts you at ease in a soothing environment that leaves you calm and uplifted.


SJ, Therapist

An amazingly relaxing session of Thai Reflexology with Angela.  It flowed so beautifully and left me feeling lighter and taller.


DR, Vet Nurse